ROM – Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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ROM – Wildlife Photographer of the Year

November 25, 2023 - May 26, 2024

Level 3, Third Floor Centre Block

A new year of breathtaking photographs!

Each year, aspiring photographers of all ages and skill levels submit tens of thousands of images in the annual international Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Organized by the Natural History Museum in London, UK, almost one hundred remarkable images from this year's competition — the best of the best — will be on view at ROM this fall.

Experience our world in vivid detail and see some of the most extraordinary species in ways you never imagined. Each photograph is back lit, providing exquisite quality and depth. Through the camera's lens, viewers become witnesses to the lives animals live and the challenges they face. Emotive, surprising glimpses of life on our planet are showcased through exceptional talent, technical expertise, and the perfectly captured moment.

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