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Advertise with Minicards Toronto and reach tourists from around the world. Minicards are available at nearly every hotel across Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York and throughout the GTA.

Minicards Toronto Distribution Network

The Toronto distribution network has over 230 locations and expands across the Greater Toronto Area. It covers areas such as the downtown core, North York, Scarborough and Mississauga to name a few. Download a list of our current locations.

FACT: Toronto welcomed over 28.1million visitors in 2019
FACT: These visitors spent $6.7 Billion in the Toronto Region
FACT: By not tapping into this market you are losing potential business

In Toronto alone, the annual pick up of Minicards is 2.2 million.

Every advertiser that participates in any Minicard program receives a FREE Web Page on our travel website on Your page will include a four-line description of your business, a picture, your contact information plus a direct link to your company website.

Could your business benefit from this kind of marketing exposure? Of course it can! You can't afford NOT to advertise with Minicards!

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