About Minicards Toronto & Minicards Canada Inc.

Helping travellers find the best places to visit with discount offers, maps and information that's simple.

About Minicards Toronto Tourism, Deals & MissionThe Minicards Toronto Mission

Our mission is to bring together travellers and their destinations.

Minicards Toronto found that travellers were getting lost right at the beginning of their trip. Not sure where to go, what to see, and always wondering if they're getting a fair price or the "tourist" price.

"Minicards turned my vacation from an endless barrage of street vendors to a structured tour of Toronto. Not only that, I got a deal on every attraction I visited." - Jamie L. 

Minicards was developed to provide a simple and effective way to help guide visitors and tourists to the most exciting attractions, food, entertainment and sight-seeing locations in a city.

It also helps to ensure that they're getting a fair price. 

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About Minicards National & InternationalMinicards Canada & Minicards International

As an international brand launched in 2001 in Amsterdam, Minicards has a 15 year history and is currently offered in over 33 countries around the world. Currently, Minicards are displayed in almost 6,400 locations (hotels, schools and tourism businesses) and reach over 63 million hotel guests around the world on a daily basis.

After discovering the Minicards concept during a visit to Europe, Founder and President Philip Black purchased the Canadian franchise rights and incorporated Minicards Canada in September, 2005.

Minicards Canada is a member in good standing of Tourism Toronto, the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Each Minicard organization provides marketing experience and concepts, management systems, printing and distribution logistics, mapping services and much more for its advertisers.