Nuit Blanche Toronto September 29, 2018

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Nuit Blanche Toronto  September 29, 2018

Less Sleep, More Art. Experience Toronto transformed by artists.

For one night only, the local and transcultural will dovetail and flow between various historic and architectural locations in an exchange of intimate and public languages. Audiences will be invited to explore and plot multi-directional routes across the margins of place, memory and history.

The exhibition invites viewers to explore the city, from the former site of the Ward in downtown Toronto, to Scarborough. Artists Brendan Fernandes, Ken Lum and eL Seed engage with and amplify the creative voices of immigrant communities, from food to music, performance to street-art, as they recall the journeys that brought many of us here and provoke consideration of the material and immaterial things we forgot or carried with us along the way.

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